Monday, September 30, 2013

Hunting Season

I am not a hunter.

But after being married to a hunter for nearly 17 years, I'm a seasoned hunting widow. Usually the girls and I do fun projects while the boys are off hunting, but this year, we're missing a girl.

Lexi and Jake both took their hunter safety course this summer, and this weekend, they went on their first deer hunt. It was weird not having Lexi here, and I wondered if she'd even have fun. I knew she was nervous about shooting, and worried she wouldn't get a deer. I made Brad and Jake promise not to make her nervous or tease her. I told them they're lucky she chose to be with them. 

Sunday morning I woke to a text... and a picture....

She is absolutely glowing! There aren't many things that put that big of a smile on her face. Apparently hunting is one of them!

I'm happy for her, and I'm happy for Brad. What a great way to spend some quality time with your teenage daughter! Lexi said now that she's gone hunting, and got a deer, she "gets" why Dad likes hunting so's the adrenaline rush. She is so her father's daughter.

But while I'm super happy for Lexi and Brad, I'm sad for Jake. The kid who has been patiently waiting for his turn to be the hunter for the past ten years, didn't get a deer. He had a couple of opportunities, but he's 12... and then there's the adrenaline.. it's not always our friend. There will be more hunting trips for Jake (he's already planning a pheasant hunting trip for Saturday).

And, it seems there will also be more hunting trips for Lexi.

Brad is over the moon.

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