Sunday, August 25, 2013

Choose Your Battles

Stuff like this used to totally stress me out:
These are the actual shoes Morgan wore to church this morning.
This was our conversation when I questioned her choice in footwear:

Me: "Morgan, your shoes don't match."
Morgan: "Well, my other flip flop is broken, so I thought I'd just wear a boot on that foot."

I couldn't argue with her logic, so I let it go. I snapped a quick picture and thanked my lucky stars we were actually leaving the house fully-clothed and on time.

She attracted a lot of attention at church, and everywhere else we went.  If anyone dared question her footwear, Miss Confident matter-of-factly explained why she was wearing one rain boot and one flip flop.

I figure someday she will look back on her ridiculous outfits and be really mad at me for letting her leave the house looking so silly.

Or maybe she won't.

Something tells me Morgan will always be confident and strong-willed in all aspects of life, including fashion.

Meantime, today's fashion statement was a perfect reminder of my motto: choose your battles.

This was definitely not worth fighting over, but definitely worth snapping a picture of!

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