Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Little More Time

Today ranks pretty high on my list of "longest and busiest days ever".

From 6:30 am until 11:00 pm, I didn't stop moving. 
  • I made muffins for Lexi's early morning meeting.
  • I spent five hours at my "real" job.
  • I hung Uppercase Living for two customers.
  • I played taxi mom.
  • I made a quick stop at the store, with help from a not-so-helpful-two-year-old.
  • I wrapped Christmas gifts.
  • I cleaned the kitchen.
  • I stood in the longest and slowest moving line at the post office I've ever seen. I left the post office without mailing my package because I simply didn't have time to wait in line.
  • I made cake pops for Lexi's best friend's birthday tomorrow.
Yet, for as much as I accomplished, my to-do list is still gigantic.

Some of it is important: I really do need to get my hair colored tomorrow (Lexi gently pointed out my gray hair yesterday) and I also really need to get that package in the mail.

Some of it is stuff I'd like to do if I get time (make a batch of popcorn to take to the farm, clean my craft room, blog).

Some of it is stuff I write on my list every single day, but rarely actually get done (like go to the gym.. although I've been pretty good lately.. must be procrastinating other stuff!).

But for as detailed as my lists are, there are a few things I don't write on my list, thus I don't make time to do. Things like read to the little girls (I do this, but not nearly enough), play a board game with the big kids, watch a movie with my husband.

There are just so many other "important" things that need to be done. Yet, I never seem to get them done.

If only a had a little more time....

Or... even better... what if I changed my priorities?

Who really cares if there's popcorn at the farm? I'd rather play Barbies with Lizzy and Morgan.

And my craft room is a mess. Oh well. It's a sign of genius. Anyone up for a game of Monopoly?

Yes, I think this could solve all my problems..... and change my attitude too. Instead of thinking of all the things I should be doing, I vow to simply enjoy the little things. The other stuff will always be there. My kids won't be - they'll be headed to college before I know it. I need to enjoy them now.. even if that means the dirty dishes sit in the sink overnight....

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