Friday, May 21, 2010

Rummaging for Treasures

I am not a rummage saler. I never have been, despite numerous attempts. But when my neighbor called to tell me about a huge sale with tons of little girl clothes, I decided to give it one more try. You see, Morgan was born in the fall. All my other babies were spring babies, which means the clothes I do have left are for the wrong season. And that means poor Morgan ends up wearing the same four outfits every four days. She obviously could care less, but I'd like to have a little bit of a laundry break. So, after work this afternoon the little girls and I (and Madonna and Beau) headed to this sale. We were not disappointed. In fact, I may stop at more rummage sales.

I spent $25. Here's what I got for my money:
  • a baby doll for Lizzy
  • two sweatshirts for Morgan
  • a sundress for Morgan
  • three sweatsuits for Morgan
  • three short outfits for Morgan
  • five onesies for Morgan
  • six shirts for Morgan
  • two pairs of pants for Morgan
  • a brand new Creative Memories album
  • two sheets of Creative Memories sticker letters
  • two packages of Creative Memories paper
Not a bad haul if you ask me, especially considering if I would have bought the same things brand new, it would have cost me more than $100. The bonus here is the Creative Memories stuff for myself. That alone is enough to get me to stop at another rummage sale. Those items were a total surprise, and I'm still smiling about the deals I got!

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